David Rusenko - Weebly


“We’ve worked with Redfish Labs to strengthen leadership with several of our executives. The work has been highly engaging, effective, and invaluable.”

Dan Knox - Science Exchange


“Science Exchange has had great success working with Redfish Labs on executive coaching and management off-sites. Both my personal and professional worlds have dramatically shifted due to the work I’ve done with them.”

Patrick Bosworth CEO Duetto Research

Patrick Bosworth – CEO, Duetto Research

“Cameron has been a tremendous resource – helping me get through everything from the pains of fundraising, to the challenges of scaling a growth stage startup.”


Jeff Schenck CTO Chewse

Jeff Schenck – CTO, Chewse

“I’ve worked with a number of coaches, but none have been as helpful as Cameron. He takes a holistic and very human approach that’s improved both my business and my life.”


Daniel Odio CEO, Armory

Daniel Odio – CEO, Armory

“I engaged Cameron to help manage some interpersonal dynamics at my previous startup. With his kind yet challenging manner, he continues to push me to grow as a CEO.”

Vivek Ravisankar - HackerRank


“Cameron has been a very supportive coach during the time we engaged. Every entrepreneur goes through highs & lows but the reality might be different and it’s important to ensure your mind realizes that. Cameron can help you with that!”


Alexis Ohanian, Cofounder of redIt

Alexis Ohania – Cofounder of Reddit

“Cameron continues to impress me with his vision for how executive coaching can shape leaders and transform organizations. His impact on my career has been both direct and indirect — and I’m grateful for it.”

Aaron King - CEO & Founder Snapdocs

Aaron King – CEO & Founder, Snapdocs

“Cameron is sharp, empathetic, and an incredibly effective coach. He helped me understand the complexity underlying key communications with my team.”

Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit

Steve Huffman – CEO, Reddit

“Cameron has been an invaluable resource for years. He’s helped me through many difficult situations, and I don’t know how I’d do it without him.”


Garry Tan

Garry Tan – GP, Initialized CapITAL; fmr Gp at yc

“Cameron has been a key part of my professional success for years now. He’s helped me both as a VC and a manager.”

Jessica Mah, CEO Indinero

Jessica Mah – CEO, Indinero

“Startup coaching has provided tremendous value. Cameron is an amazing coach and gets me to think about things that aren’t on my radar yet!”

Heidi Roizen, Operating Partner, DFJ

Heidi Roizen – Operating Partner, DFJ

“Cameron provides ongoing value to some of our portfolio founders. I continue to recommend him to our founders for executive coaching”

Alexandra Douwes Cofounder Purpose Generation

Alexandra Douwes – Cofounder, Purpose Generation

“Cameron was extremely professional and clearly has a lot of experience when it comes to executive coaching and co-founder therapy”


Sam Odio VP Product Fivestars

Sam Odio – VP, Product Fivestars

“Cameron is my go-to person that I lean on when making hard management decisions.”

Kurt Abrahamson CEO ShareThis

Kurt Abrahamson – CEO, ShareThis

“Cameron has become an amazing asset to me in a short period of time. His insight and wisdom help me to consider challenges in a different light and arrive at better decisions.”

Mary Ann Huckabay Lecturer Stanford Graduate School of Business

Mary Ann Huckabay – Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“You do a great job of integrating your training into group facilitation in a way that is totally natural and authentic.”

Joe Greenstein CEO Innerspace

Joe Greenstein – CEO Innerspace

“Cameron has uniquely valuable perspective as an entrepreneur turned therapist turned coach. Combined with deep insight about people and relationships, I would recommend him to any founder or startup leader.”

Steven Hsiao CEO Spoonrocket

Steven Hsiao – CEO, Spoonrocket

“Cameron is an incredible resource for any startup. His insights helped me navigate the most difficult times with unparalleled clarity.”


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