Below is a carefully curated list of helpful organizations, groups and classes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Leadership Groups

Entrepreneur’s OrganizationThe San Francisco chapter of EO has around 70 members that also break into smaller groups to provide support, community, feedback and encouragement for fellow entrepreneurs.

Young President’s Organization– This group is specifically geared for leaders under 45 who have demonstrated some degree of achievement at an early age.  The group fosters community and provides ongoing leadership support.

The Impact Forum– This is a free leadership support group for leaders of nonprofits, social impact organizations and mission driven companies.


Local Sanghas (Meditation Groups)

Eugene CashOne of the Bay Area’s most well known sanghas led by a excellent teacher.  The group meets Sunday nights at the Unitarian Church at Franklin and Geary in San Francisco.  Cash has a background in psychotherapy and is a seasoned practitioner/teacher of the Diamond Approach.

Howard CohnThis group has been meeting in the San Francisco’s Mission District for over 25 years. 

Urban DharmaCreated by Noah Levine, author of Dharma Punx.  Although he is no longer the regular weekly instructor, he often visits from his new home in Los Angeles.  It is a great community for practitioners seeking a youthful, edgy approach to meditation practice.

James Baraz Located in the East Bay.  This group led by James Baraz is perfect for someone seeking a joyful, light hearted approach to practice.

Dorothy HuntDorothy teaches in the tradition of Non-Duality as inspired by Ramana Maharshi. Her group meets at the Unitarian Church at the corner of Franklin and Geary in San Francisco.


Meditation Retreat Centers

Spirit Rock Meditation Center– This meditation center is one of the premier facilities in the country.  They teach in the traditions of the Buddha according to the Pali discourses.  The teachers themselves are highly trained meditation practitioners.  Many of them have backgrounds in psychotherapy as well. The location is majestic and the organic food is delicious.  SRMC is a little on the expensive side, but if the cost is manageable for you, it is well worth it.

California Vipassana Center–  This place is known in some circles as “Buddhist Boot Camp.”  It was created by S.N. Goenka of Burma.  This center is closer to what a practitioner may experience in the East.  It is a more aesetic experience with respect to comforts, food and formalities.  First time practitioners must come for a full 10 day silent retreat.  The Goenka school survives on donation only so it is a better option for those with tighter finances or a practitioner who wants a more traditional experience.

Insight Meditation CenterThe Insight Meditation Center (IMC) is a community-based urban meditation center for the practice of Vipassana or Insight meditation guided by Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella. The center is located in Redwood City.  It is non-residential meaning there are no over night accommodations.



Yoga Tree San Francisco– Yoga Tree has several yoga studios throughout San Francisco and offers a variety teachers and styles.

Urban Flow Led by vinyasa teacher Rusty Wells.  Urban Flow is located in San Francisco’s SOMA District.  The studio offers yoga by donation.



ACTCM– American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is San Francisco’s premiere acupuncture school.  They offer sliding scale treatment that is very affordable.  Clinicians are highly trained instructors and interns.


Group Therapy & Group Process

Tending the Fire Within– This is an ongoing men’s group led by Rob Schene.  Through interactive group process they explore anger, power, and the capacity for intimacy in a safe and supported male community.

The Men’s Circle – A peer led group for men seeking mutual support in making personal and professional changes.  This is a free group approximately 70 members strong.  The Men’s Circle is open to new members on the first Wednesday of every month. The group meets weekly on Wednesdays from 8-11pm at Ocean Beach across from the Beach Chalet.

Self Inquiry– These groups are led by John Prendergast, PhD with the purpose of supporting spiritual awakening.  John is a deeply insightful teacher who comes from a well seasoned history of practice in the tradition of Non-Duality.


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