learn how to effectively interact with your fellow founders and executives


learn how to effectively interact with your fellow founders and executives

Just because you started a business with someone doesn’t mean you always see eye-to-eye.

As business co-founders or co-executives, you probably spend more time together than typical co-workers do. Your big decisions can affect the financial and emotional health of your employees, while a board of directors or investors may be looking over your shoulders. It’s a big responsibility, and conflict is a natural byproduct.

Coaching for co-founders is designed to help guide you and your business partners to a new way of relating.

Co-founder Coaching in San Francisco

Co-founder coaching is geared toward guiding founders and co-executives toward a new experience. So often, relationships can assume a pattern that leaves the individuals feeling ‘strait-jacketed’ in unconscious roles.

Coaching can support the executive relationship in any of the following ways:

  • Identifying unconscious patterns that are known but have remained un-named.
  • Discovering communication tools that can help breakdown defensive strategies and increase collaboration.
  • By managing conflict and engaging in repairs that feel restorative and rejuvenating.
  • By highlighting the strengths of the relationship that can help leverage the founders into transformation.
  • Develop skillful means of relating that can help the executives move from insecurity to security with one another.
  • Building safety and trust that can serve the relationship as well as individual transformation.

We specialize in helping founders with a wide range of issues – particularly those dealing with:

  • High Conflict
  • Trust issues
  • Power dynamics
  • Communication Difficulties
  • Transition and succession


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